SOS Papai e Mam?e!

is a non-governmental voluntary organisation brought into existence by a group of people, including both fathers and mothers, mostly separated and who are aware of the importance of a harmonious and balanced life between parents to the benefit of children.

After separation, husband and wife no longer exist.
Mother and father, exist for ever.

In spite of a constant stream of studies and research papers in the domain of human relations and family law, concrete progress has been very limited, as far as a healthy coexistence between separated fathers and mothers is concerned,Replica handbags in particular in regard to any priority being placed upon their education and upbringing.
On the other hand, a steady flow of arguments without cease on the subject of contact, child support, etc., masks the rancours and bitterness of broken relationships, dreams and thwarted plans. In certain cases, a context of mental instability further complicates the situation. In the middle of all this is found the power of the courts, reduced to applying solutions based on paradigms and prejudices, and apparently unable to do anything to guarantee the shared residence of children with both their parents.
Furthermore, there is an enormous aggravating factor which acts in a semi-veiled way, and as if it were a taboo subject is ignored by society, meeting a wall of silence,cheap nike nba jerseys or even complicity and responsibility. This is the bad attitude of certain fathers and mothers.
During a 2001 study carried out by the IBGE (Geographical and Statistical Institute of Brazil), the custody of minor children is given to mothers in 80% of cases. And at the heart of our society lies the poor attitude of parents who abandon their children for multiple reasons or who become simply a visitor in their children's lives. But let us look at this more closely : Louboutin Outlet UK visitors are also grand parents, uncles and aunts, cousins and friends. It is the father and the mother together who must bring up this new human being, help them to develop and prepare them for life.
And there are many negligent fathers and mothers. They hide behind their excuses. They do not want to face up to the opposite parent, the mother or the father of their children. If you are in a fragile mental state, get help, but keep the right attitude. The most serious situation is when the other parent feeds this tendency and barely encourages children to share their lives with both parents.

Fathers and Mothers, Wake up!

If you no longer form a couple, you remain partners and you are always responsible for your children! Have the right attitude! Take on this situation!

Your children are dependent upon you! Both of you!

SOS Papai e Mam?e!, through joint research and study with other associations and professionals, both in Brazil and abroad, is aiming to raise awareness of the importance of this issue, to propose and develop practical courses of action so that children can live in a balanced way with both their fathers and their mothers, and through this website, to be a centre for consultation, for professionals and public alike.

SOS Papai e Mam?e!
Is calling to the many, and to so many of our children!

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